Without any knowldge you can update your website.

・You can update just like writing a blog as news / services / case studies / home.

You can make your multilingual website easily.

Just switching screen to change the language then enter the articles, you can make a multilingual website.Administration pages are also available for multilingual.

PC, smartphons, tablets… geminiCMS is available for any devices and even new devices are released we fix with functions to settle display.

Connecting to social apps, Facebook, Twitter and more.

New updating infomation connects to Facebook and Twitter. And new application will be connected as well.

Connecting uploading information with sites to sites

Updated information is automatically uploaded to all of sites related.

Available to set some administrators.

Setting some administrators, it is available to provide each account to cliarfy right and editing.


You can send e-mail magazines easily.

You can send text format e-mails and HTML e-mails to registered address.

You can set a tag easily for SEO.

You can set a tag for SEO in management tool. And also available for keyword setting (this is an optional).

System maintenance on 24 hours, 365days

Only if used our servers (sysytem maintenance charged is needed).

Application and inquiry

We will offer you a stuitable proposal.