Registering domain names and updating.

We register and maintenance omain names you want.

10,000 Yen /per year

Making website development resources

Purchasing and make banners and buttons

: 3,000 Yen / one piece

Taking photos

: 1,000 Yen / one shot~

Writing texts

: 50 Yen/ word ~


: required to ask

Personalize templates

We personalize templates for you based geminiCMS ones.

*We make a quotatinon every time.

Additional language.

One language.

Initial cost: 30,000 Yen Montly: 3,000 Yen

Changeing the templates

Changing the templates on webpages by geminiCMS

30,000 Yen ~

Settlememt of traffic analysis and making reports.

To see the verification of benefits we make a setting and reports to website.

*We make a quotatinon every time.

Support a promotion

tie-up proposals with SNS, medias and more.

Making and derivering press releasing.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is included.

<> Planning and managing campaigning, hosting a event and more.

Managing a search advertising, display advertisement and more.